Wainscot up and trim started

On January 1 I posted the text pieces of front window trim with the butterfly inserts. Since then I modified that test slightly and ran a second version of the test – just to make sure everyone liked the design. We agreed and then it was on to production for the actual windows.  I first carefully measured the windows for the trim. I knew it would be eight inches wide with a four inch butterfly insert. The top portion of the circle over the windows will be a giant crown molding that arches over the window and then goes around the room level at the eight foot level. LED lighting will be hidden into the top of it so it shines upward onto the ceiling. Making that giant crown molding still has me scratching my head.

But these were the starting vectors for the window – all created in EnRoute at actual size. The box indicates the bottom of the window frame.

I lengthened each piece to allow for slight variations that are bound to appear in the actual construction. Each piece will be trimmed to length by the finish carpenters The arch will be used to construct the crown molding. Like I did in the samples I crated back on New Year’s day the butterflies were randomly placed through the middle panels and then I built the layered relief.

The pieces were cut from 30 lb Precision Board on the MultiCam. I still have to cut the upper pieces of the window trim. And identical set will be cut for the dining room windows as well.
I can hardly wait to see them fastened in place. It should look pretty cool! Here’s a shot of the living room as it appeared tonight with the wainscot installed save for the top rail.
Stay tuned for more progress…

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.