Students Pioneering Future Technology

School-Donations-Main In the interest of furthering knowledge, technology and sustainability, Coastal Enterprises regularly donates Precision Board Plus to colleges, universities and high schools throughout the United States and Canada.

Projects range from solar powered cars, SAE cars, UAV’s and concept cars to concrete canoes and human powered vehicles. Students gain valuable development, teamwork and production skills while participating in these hands-on projects. Precision Board Plus donations have been used extensively for mold making, prototyping, model making and as a core substrate by students.

It is with much pride and admiration that Coastal Enterprises continues its tradition of donating Precision Board Plus to students and looks forward to sharing the success stories with all of you.

Many previous Coastal Enterprises newsletters showcase student projects. For a closer look at how today’s students are shaping the future, take a look at the projects below:

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2011 Human Powered Vehicle
2012 Human Powered Vehicle
Supermileage Car
University of Missouri
Human Powered Vehicle Challenge
University of Maryland
Formula SAE Race Car Design
Formula SAE Race Car Unveiling
Formula SAE Race Car Anatomy
Purdue University
Rocket Design & Launch
Iowa State University
Solar Powered Car
University of Michigan
Solar Powered Car 2010
Solar Powered Car 2011
• Solar Powered Car 2012
Pratt School of Undergraduate Architecture
Future Architects
New CNC Technology
University of Kansas
Formula SAE Race Car Design
Formula SAE Race Car Win
Colorado State University
UAV Project Design
UAV Project Build
Art Center College of Design
BMW Concept Car
University of Nevada
Concrete Canoes
Cal State University Fullerton
• Formula SAE Race Car
El Dorado Springs High School
• Beginning Composites Projects
University Of Illinois
• Open Wheeled All Electric Racing Car
University Of Davis, CA
• CNC Machine Training
• Composite Layup Tool Machining
Oregon Institute Of Technology
• Formula SAE Race Car
Cal Poly Pomona
• Baja SAE Race Car