Building a train – Part five

It is great fun to design and build a project like the train. A few of the components can be sourced but the bulk of the train will have to be custom built. Today I placed the order for the bulk of the steel I’ll use for the project. This will be cut to length and then welded together in their rightful place. For the boiler, steam domes and smoke stacks I needed some heavy duty and large pipes. The thing is I didn’t need long lengths and so went shopping in the scrap bins of the local steel fabricators. It didn’t take long to source the perfect sized pieces I required.

While I was in town shopping the MultiCam was busy carving the truck sides that would cradle the wheels and ‘support’ the train. They were whittled from two inch thick 30 lb Precision Board. The pieces that will be fastened on to provide all the detail will be routed tomorrow.

It won’t be long until this thing looks like a train. Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.