Building a train – Part twelve

We are still keeping the MultiCam busy as we make the last of the details for the train engine. Some parts like the cast and riveted fittings around the smokestack and steam dome are best made by hand using a sculpting epoxy. Once painted up with the rust paint they will be indistinguishable from the steel parts.
I sourced a bunch of rusty chain to drape over the grab rails and then carefully weld in place. It added an authenticity to the whole train making it look used.
The number and name plates were next. These will be painted to look like aged brass.

The steam dome top and brass bell were also on today’s list. The rounded steam dome was a simple round relief while the bell was a revolved mesh. Both were sliced in EnRoute for routing from 30 lb Precision Board. Here Sarah sculpts the transition to the steel bracket that holds the bell.

Today I fasten the last bits in place to complete the train. Then we are on to the log car – already in progress in the shop.

Stay tuned for the final shots.

Published with permission from Source.