Building a train – Part fifteen

The last step of amy project is to ready it for shipping. In this case we get to have the fun of delivering it ourselves. The train weighed in at 1,664 lbs. I had built a sturdy lift point into the roof of the cab on the steam engine. It was a simple matter of threading through a small chain and then using the forklift to haul it over to the trailer.

In only a couple of days out in the weather the rust evened out nicely, making the train look like it was a hundred years old. This is going to look fabulous high on the trestle when it is installed at the adventure golf.

I’ll be making the delivery in less than a week. These trips are always fun with lots of stares and waves as we travel down the road… this time more than a hundred miles distant. I’ll take a few more shots as we travel and on arrival. Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.