Giant crown molding

We are finally at a point in the project where I can begin work on the giant crown moldings that go around the living and dining room and up and over the big round windows. We wanted them to match the smaller crown molding that is to go on the kitchen cupboards.

I traced the end of the molding and then imported that into EnRoute which I then traced to create the vectors needed.  I had to decide how big to create the molding and how many layers of Precision Board we would use.

The smaller hall molding vectors were also created at the same time.

The sweep two rails command was a quick and easy way to create the profiles I needed. I created them as meshes which I then merged (highest) with a zero height relief.

Then I used the slice too to take away the zero height background.

The curved moldings were built much the same way.

The moldings were routed from 3″ thick Precision Board . The big moldings were done in two layers while the smaller one will be done in one layer.

Here’s a pic of the molding mocked up. It will get a little sanding before I glue everything together.

 The curved moldings get routed tomorrow.


Published with permission from Source.