Waterjet Cutting HDU: Precision Board & OMAX

OMAX Corporation, a manufacturer of premium waterjet cutting machines recently filmed cutting of Precision Board Plus HDU in order to show just what this amazing technology can do.

Waterjets offer several advantages over different types of cutting machines such as lasers and plasmas: they can cut any type of material, and are not limited to cutting thickness. Additionally, because no heat is used in the cutting process, no heat-affected zones are created allowing for a cleaner cut without affecting the microstructure or properties of the material.

Precision Board PBLT-30 cut by an OMAX 2626 Waterjet:

Waterjet Cut Precision Board Plus HDU

This video shows the Precision Board Plus PBLT-30 HDU being cut on an OMAX 2626 Waterjet. The beginning shows the piece being pre-drilled with an OMAX Drill Head. Pre-drilling each pierce point ensures against blowouts (and delamination in other materials), and also allows the Waterjet to cut much quicker when cutting a highly detailed piece. Waterjet is using a 40hp pump, 0.007 orifice nozzle and 0.015 diameter mixing tube. Cutting media is 220 grit Barton Garnet.

Thank you to Kimball Smith at OMAX for all his help putting these videos together and be sure to visit OMAX Corporation’s website for more information on their premium waterjet cutting machines. Also, check in next week for another blog that will show a 12″ tall letter “A” being cut out of Precision Board Plus PBLT-15 on an OMAX Waterjet!