Flow Waterjet & 40lb. Precision Board

Check out this video of Precision Board PBLT-40 cut on a Flow Waterjet with UltraPierce Technology!

Waterjet is a Flow Mach 4 4020C machine equipped with Dynamic Waterjet XD and UltraPierce Vacuum Assist technology, cutting Precision Board PBLT-40.

According to Flow Applications Specialist Chad Mooneyham: “UltraPierce is a game-changing accessory in that it allows brittle and laminated materials, such as marble, stone, glass and composites to be cut without the added step of pre-drilling. By pulling abrasive into the cutting head before the waterjet starts, UltraPierce ensures against blowouts or delamination in materials that normally would require pre-drilling, thus saving time and money.”

While Precision Board HDU is not brittle or laminated, previous experience has dictated that it needed to be pre-drilled prior to being cut on a waterjet to prevent chips or blowouts. This video is proof that along with preventing accidents, UltraPierece is a sure-shot at increasing waterjet efficiency in the workplace.

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