Workshop report

The last three weeks have been exhausting with my spending about 100 hours each week in the shop or on the road. The trip to Trinidad was the first adventure. I met with the project principals, engineers, , contractors and government officials to discuss how every step will be done and how the logistics might work. Site visits answered many questions and provided a ton of information for the future.

I arrived home late Sunday after eighteen hours of travel. Monday morning we went into full gear on the Cultus Lake project , continuing through Thursday when we switched to workshop mode. The Sign Magic Workshop gathered some very eager students who soaked up everything they could in the next three days. Jim’s smile (below) as he showed off his ‘bug’ piece summed up the feelings of everyone who attended.

Here’s the entire class and my staff who helped as we briefly stopped for a picture.
Monday morning we put away the tables and chairs and went into full blast production mode once more until mid day Thursday. Then it was time for the Sculpture Magic Workshop. Once again we had a great group of folks from across Canada, the USA and Australia who were eager to learn all we could teach them. A good time was had by all!

Monday morning we cleared the shop once more and started production once more.
We are now up to six full time employees and five part timers. It is a busy time with plenty of creative work done each and every day!

Stay tuned for reports of progress.

Published with permission from Source.