Building and moving a small mountain

Sometimes creating a sign involves many disciplines with the routing part only a portion. One of our current projects is just such a piece. We’ve been working on it for more than a week and the routed portion is still a week distant. It will be the primary sign for the Cultus Lake Adventure Park. The sign will be jammed into a dirt bank. Large colorful rocks stick out. Greenery sprouts from the top as well as a tall lighthouse. Underneath the lighthouse a waterfall will tumble into the bumper boat pool below.

We started our welding in the shop but we could only take the work so far before we had to squeeze it back out the door. The balance would be done in our parking lot.
I test fir the upper structure for the lighthouse to make sure everything lined up perfectly.
Once the welding and attaching the lath was done we lifted the giant framework onto the trailer. it would be too heavy for our little forklift after we applied the concrete. At the other end of the journey they have a much bigger machine so unloading wouldn’t be a problem.
Then it was time to mud. We careful applied the fiberglass reinforced concrete, carving and shaping it as we worked our way downward.
The end result was pretty spectacular – the largest piece we have trailered so far. 

 Tomorrow it makes it’s journey to the worksite to be permanently installed. Our onsite work begins for real! We’ll begin work on the lighthouse tomorrow and also start the routing for the lettering that will be fastened to the sign face with standoffs.

Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.