Smooth move

Anytime we move a large piece it is always an exciting day.

 The day we move something this large it’s over the top! My client was handling the move so it was less stressful than usual. The load towed smooth, and at reasonable speeds it was stable and easy. The good news was we only had ten miles to go.

The tight turn up the steeper hill to the lake went without incident. 

When we arrived at the ale it took a few minutes to hook up the zoom boom. Thankfully, the feature balanced almost perfectly.

It was tight maneuvering as we squeezed between the trees but it went without a scratch.

We had to lift the feature and spin it to clear the pipes and conduits to set it into place. We were almost there!

The skilled operator carefully set it down as we guided it into position at the edge of the bumper boat pool.

The first piece of this massive project is now in place. The light house that will sit on top is now underway in the shop. This week I’ll begin the routing of the lettering that will fasten to the sign face. I’ll be documenting that process here for sure.
Over the next weeks and months we’ll be building and hauling many more to join it.
Stay tuned…


Published with permission from Source.