Waiting for rain but not idle

Our fall weather has been exceptionally warm and dry compared to normal. This means we are able to concentrate on outside work as much as possible. It also means the MultiCam has been quieter than normal for much of the month. But the typical rainy fall weather is now starting to happen and so we will be in the shop a lot more in the coming weeks and months.

This past week we have been up at the worksite. We are working on fences and pool edges as well as preparing the main sign base for the routed sign we will soon be starting.

The guys sure were happy to hoist the last post for the front half of the park into place. These

things are HEAVY!

In the shop it is a very busy place, looking like a forest at times with all of the fence posts and trees in production.
The fun directional sign was completed today and is ready to move out of the shop at last.
Bucky the beaver  is now painted leaving only the background and lettering final coats to go. He’ll be largely complete tomorrow.

There are also some very large pieces in production, including the light house (top and bottom for the bumper boat pool feature.

 There are plenty more pieces about to be started along with some pretty cool features on site. This month has been busy but next month promises to be even busier yet. Stay tuned…


Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.