Texture and Gadgets

We’ve been busy but have still found some time to work a little every day on our Mechanical Fish project. While Brian is working the mechanics of the tank I’ve been adding fun little elements to the design and creating some cool textures and “mechanical” parts.

Here is the control panel – We’ll be adding switched and a panic button soon. But it gives you an idea. Working lamp? What kind of sign is this!!!!!


So Brian has set our mechanical fish in the tank. we have some cool propellers on the back and the LED’s are lighting up the cabin and the button eye. No small task as this fish is submersed in water.  Next step is to install the pistons to open the door!


I had to get KDF somewhere on this sign! We didn’t want it too obvious so in a fun way we’ve placed it on the top of the periscope box.


We’ve finished the back of the box, all out of 15lb Precision Board HDU.  The face was cut out of 30lb.


The front took a lot more time. All 30lb Precision Board HDU then I used Magic Sculpt for the organic material in the corners.


More to come….

Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.