Installing Bucky

The Bucky’s Bumper Boat sign was finished the day before yesterday and with the room needed in the shop it was time for the install.

 We carefully loaded it in the trailer and hauled it up to the work site. Our client had all the big equipment we needed to the tricky install. All we had to do was unload it and hook it to the zoom boom. The skilled operator shifted the machine into four wheel drive and low range to begin the install.

He skillfully maneuvered it into position and then louvered the sign onto the sleeve we had fastened securely to the wall previously.
Once the sign was in position vertically we welded it securely in place

Once the sign was secure it was a simple matter of unhooking the chain, unscrewing the eye bolt and heading back to the shop to work on the next piece.

We’ll be applying the fiberglass reinforced concrete and carving the woodgrain into the post as soon as the railings are welded in place. I’ll post another picture then.

Published with permission from Source.