The Monument Sign of Tomorrow

Signs of The Times recently published a great article featuring one of our longtime friends, Doug Haffner, owner of Haffner’s Fantastic Creations, and the sign he made for Rhino Tools.

What really impressed us about this sign is how it very obviously differs from the typical “monument sign” path of stone or masonry and a centerpiece. By incorporating steel and Precision Board Plus HDU together, Doug made a one-of-a-kind sign that is sure to catch the eye of any passersby and make a great first impression on any visitors.

To see the excellent Signs of The Times article showing how Doug used Precision Board Plus PBLT-30 and FSC-88WB Primer/Filler to make this beautiful monument sign visit:

Thank you to Mr. Michael Holmquist, Publishing & Brand Services Coordinator at Signs of The Times for sending this to us.