Mounting the signs to the tree

In a previous post I showed how I added the steel structure into the routed horse. Two 5/8″ thick steel rods protruded out of the back. These would then be welded into the sculpted tree structure making for a very strong but almost invisible mount for the signs. Here’s the concept drawing used to sell the idea to the client. It’s a very quick sketch.
The first picture is from the front of the balloon adventure sign. The mounting rids are already welded to the steel structure of the tee but not yet trimmed. They protrude past the frame of the tree.

Here’s a second shot of the same sign from the back after the rods were trimmed and the tree armature built and meshed.

The horse sign is also mounted in similar fashion with the two protruding rods welded securely to the tree framework.

Here’s a shot of the entire tree (from the back side) with both signs mounted.

The hand sculpting on the tree and balloon will complete our work save for final paint. Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.