Higher Density Leads To Faster Finishing For Garage Graphics

High detail, smooth finish and durability. These are the reasons Garage Graphics and Visuals in Springfield, MO, recently used Precision Board Plus PBLT-48 to make Conservation signs for Bass Pro Shops. By using a high density, just a single coat of primer was needed to produce a beautiful, smooth finish.

The reason for this is simple: as the density increases, so does the thickness of each cell wall. Thicker cell walls mean a smaller cell center, which equals less primer/paint that needs to be used to produce an ultra-smooth surface. 

Reducing your finishing time with less priming and painting, along with a more durable substrate, makes using a higher density for a multitude of graphics applications an easy choice.

Garage Graphics was started in 1995 by Mr. Steve Tindle in his single-car garage. Through years of hard work, it has expanded to an 80,000 sq foot facility today and employs over 50 full-time workers. Look forward to seeing more projects from these guys and please see additional info at: www.ggandv.com.

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