Taking a sign for a ride to town

The great news is that we finally moved the five large features out of our shop two days ago. That meant I could finally get the old compressor out to take it to the repair shop for a rebuild. It arrived back today and that means we can soon get back to routing the long list of backlogged projects once more.

Today, however was far too busy for any routing. Today we were placing the last of the marge pieces in their final home. The first was the top two pieces of the treehouse. The tee trunk has been in place for a number of weeks. Today we brought in a giant crane to lift the house and roof into position. It went smoothly.

The next two pieces were the center supports for the series of rope bridges that will connect these elements. This lift too went flawlessly.

One other piece we moved was the Carousel and Balloon Adventure signs. We loaded the sign onto my client’s trailer. He was so excited about the sign he decided to take a detour to his favorite coffee shop. As he said later, “It was with great delight I took up six or seven parking spots – right in front! It didn’t take long for a crowd to gather either!” 

It is always nice when a client appreciates our work!

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.