Overnight MAGIC

The old compressor is now repaired and working once more at last. It will be relegated to a standby spare as soon as we hook up the giant new one that has now arrived.

In the meantime the MultiCam is now busy churning out the pieces we need once more.

Last night I laid down a two inch thick piece of 30 lb Precision Board, set up the MultiCam and set it in motion. I peeked in a few times to make sure all was operating as it should and then went to bed and slept soundly. The machine worked through the night while I slept soundly. I even slept in a little. This morning when I came into the shop the MultiCam was almost done the large file and things were looking pretty cool. It was overnight MAGIC!

By lunch time the file will be done and I’ll cut the middle section which will hold the welded steel frame and sign hanging eye bolts. Then I’ll glue it up this afternoon and tomorrow we can begin the sculpting and painting process.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.