Bailey’s Project: Day 3

Wow! Day 3 flew by with lots of progress on our Bailey’s project.

The shop is buzzing with activity. We have installs going out the door, the MultiCam 3000 CNC is cranking out dimensional pieces, all of the printers are running with jobs ranging from tractor trailer wraps to art prints to murals and signs, and…. the phone is ringing off the hook!!!!  We are busy.

So even with all of this going on we are focused on the Bailey’s deadline, and the pint of Guinness that awaits us at the end of the project.

The sign is hanging in the workshop and Brian has finished all the welding on the grills AND they are all painted. I love these and cant wait to see them attached to the painted sign.







photo 1 photo 2

I’ve been working on the ribbons and face details.  As an added little feature I’ve taken the accent lines of the font and extruded them. Then I cut a pocket into the ribbon to easily register the letters which I’ll cut separately. 001

Here is a rough 3D rendering of the large top banner in Enroute Pro. Almost ready to cut! 003


136 138

we’re getting close to completing the CNC work – next up will be the letters – then Brian will be in full assembly mode.

– Steve

Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.