Rise of the Machines

I’ve been obsessed with robots for the past few months. Researching and coming up with processes in our shop that I can one day have a robot perform… Yes everyone thinks I’m nuts. I’ve even been playing around with our home vacuum cleaner robot in hopes of “taking control” of it. Not sure of what it will do just yet but I’m getting there.

So in honor of my obsession I started a little side project of creating a “robots” sign.

photoI started sketching an idea and got so excited about it I ran to the computer and began drawing it up in Enroute Pro. I decided to keep it very simple – i’ll have the word “robots” sitting atop a rover robot with two robotic arms hovering above the letters – one will be placing a letter into position. I also want to incorporate some type of movement in this sign so I’m experimenting with a motion detector and a motor to simulate robotic movement. Ok not so simple. But this will be fun and it’s my obsession – so here we go.

enroute sketch

 I’ve cut the letters out of 15# Precision Board HDU

Now its time to cut out the robots that will stand behind the letters. I’m cutting them out of 30lb Precision Board HDU on the MultiCAM 3000. These guys will be large and heavy duty!


077 Once cut I’ll glue them together with Coastal’s PB Bond-240  HDU adhesive. I’ve also inserted a cable which will hold up one of the letters. Once dry I’ll sculpt on some



 I’m doing the back panel out of some scrap MDF and I’ll paint to look like rusted steel. I’m getting an idea of the layout. I think I want it a little more robust.

011 I’ll get everything primed while I’m figuring out the assembly. I’m using Coastals FSC-88 Primer – 2 Coats. It works great on the MDF as well.


After the priming is done its on to the painting.  I’ve painted the backer with a faux iron paint from Sophisticated Finishes which I can then rust out.  It’s such a simple process and the results are amazing.

009 While the second coat is still tacky I spray on the Green Petina Solution and wait.  The finish rusts before your eyes.


I’m using the Modern Masters Silver as the base coat for my letters.  With a glaze over the top.014

017 Pre-assembly is complete. Now we are going to hang it and do some more painting and LED work. 



Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.