Low Density – High Accuracy – Making it Happen with PBLT-4

From the snowy mountains of Colorado, Donn Arrell, owner of Clinton Systems and topographical model maker extraordinaire, sent in a picture of his latest creation.

Donn CNC-machined this topographical map using Precision Board Plus PBLT-4, which is the  lowest density of Precision Board that we manufacture, because his customer was interested in a highly-detailed model, but was very cost-conscious.


It’s interesting to note that despite the low density, the level of detail on the model is magnificent. A DWG CAD file containing the contour lines was the source for deriving the 3-D model, and the flat area on the far left is due to missing data from the NED file given to Donn for this project.

Additional information about the topographical models crafted by Clinton Systems can be seen at: www.clintonsystems.com.