Bucky’s signpost now ready for paint

One of the most fun signs of our current project has been a very long time in building. I first conceived of the design about twelve years ago. I reworked it a little for this project adding the leaning pole that had been chewed by Bucky.
I designed the sign in EnRoute ad laminated it over a welded steel frame. The post was welded up in our shop. 

Bucky the beaver was hand sculpted and then we attached the wire mesh to the frame.
We didn’t apply the concrete to keep the piece manageable weight wise. It was installed last gal and then it sat through the winter. 

When the weather warmed enough to begin concrete work we started on the bigger sections of the park. Today at last it was time to do the post that held up the Bucky’s Bumper Boat sign.

 The sculpted concrete work on this side of the park is now complete and looking pretty cool! Here’s a shot of the team working hard a day or two ago.

Now, while we continue with the concrete work in other areas of the park the painting team will work hard to bring color through this area of the park.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.