Hand-Carved Commemoration At Gerald R. Ford Airport!

When you’ve been making signs as long as Scott Bouma, owner of Scott’s Signs in Grandville, MI, you’re bound to pick up some pretty cool signmaking tricks over the years.

When Scott was contacted by Amway Corporation to make a sign commemorating all of the aircraft they have owned over the years to coincide with the grand opening of their hangar at the Gerald R. Ford Airport, he knew exactly what to do to make the sign stand out while still looking elegant.

Using a sheet of Precision Board Plus PBLT-18, he hand cut it into separate pieces and sandwiched it together with an adhesive and nylon mesh. The next step was hand shaping the tail fins using a variety of woodworking tools. Knowing beforehand that the project would be in a high traffic area, with a large chance of repeated hands-on contact, Scott decided to finish the pieces using automotive primer and paint. The end result, paired with high-intensity color programmable LED’s, is a magnificent finish on an extremely detailed and eye-catching sign, located in the largest privately owned hangar in the world!

Unknown-1Scott and his wife Kendra in front of their project!

Scott has been a friend and customer of Coastal Enterprises since the 1990’s. Pictured is one of the very first projects made by Scott out of Precision Board, over 20 year’s ago!

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 3.52.56 PM

Scott’s Signs has been in business since 1977 and is a full-service sign company specializing in all types of signs. More of their eye-catching projects can be seen at: www.scottsigngallery.com.

 “Over the years we’ve used Precision Board, it has always performed as we expected. It has great machinability, and is also easy to cut, rout and sand. All in all, it is extremely consistent and I consider it the most versatile product out there.”

-Scott Bouma, on why he uses Precision Board Plus.