Knickerbocker Motorsports – Seat Mold

Knickerbocker Motorsports is the premier automotive racing team at Columbia University. These guys build and race Formula SAE race cars.

Very cool!

Recently we were contacted by the President of the Club, Vinod Nimmagadda, asking KDF to help them create the mold for the newly designed racecar seat. they’ll use the mold to create the seat out of carbon fiber. They’ve engineered every aspect of this car and supplied us with accurate 3D drawings and models.

FSAE_SeatWe are cutting the mold out of 15lb Precision Board HDU which was generously donated to the Club by Coastal Enterprises. We started with 5″ blocks of the 15lb Precision Board HDU about 30″x40″.  There are three parts to the mold which we’ll cut individually.  We ran the rough cut with a 1/2″ Foam Bit to take away as much material as fast as possible. We then came in with a 1/2″ Ball for the smooth finish.

photo 1

photo 1 photo 2

photo 5

All done – just a little glue and sanding and they are ready to make their mold.

photo 1

It was a pleasure working with the team, these guys really know what they’re doing,  what a cool project. I hope they send pics once they’re done! Best of luck to Vinod and they gang with their competition!


(Last Years Team)


Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.