Armadillo Hotel sign hung

No matter how great a sign may look in our studio the important thing is how it looks when it gets installed. Today, it was time at last to install the Armadillo Hotel sign. We loaded it onto the man lift and then raised it into position. A quick test fit was done to ensure a straight and level installation. Then we screwed on the french cleat and hung the sign for the last time. A couple of extra screws through the face (where they will not be seen) ensured the sign will stay in place for a long, long time.

The sign colors looked rich and pleasing. The sign blends in with the rest of the decor and is perfectly sized for the space.

The beauty of designing all the signs for an establishment (and the establishment as well) is that all of the signs work together rather than each fighting for attention. Nothing is out of place. There are now four dimensional signs in place with more ready to go up very soon.

With a little more paint in this area we will hang the last of the signs. Then a full cleanup will ready the space for the thousands of guests who will arrive shortly after that.
Stay tuned for the last of the signs to be hung…


Published with permission from Source.