More signs installed

As the project nears completion the pace is certainly ramping up. Today the last of the concrete walkways was poured inside the park, leaving only sidewalks around to go. Our crew is now down to paint and details with eight more workdays before the gates open to the public.

We installed two dimensional signs today. The first was on the Happy Horse Saloon. It sure is good to se the sign out of our studio at last and on the wall where it belongs.

We also welded the Pedal Power by the Hour sign into place on top of the pole. We’ll be doing the last of the sculpted concrete work tomorrow to finish it off.

There’s only a few routed signs left to install including the washroom signs and the signs over the entrance. They’ll go up later this week. Stay tuned for lots of pictures of the finish project soon and I’ll include a walkthrough video of the park to show everyone how it all fits together. Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.