How To Win The Sale: Precision Board HDU 101

It’s well known in the sign industry – customers looking to purchase a sign are often unaware of the material and labor cost involved in the process – and probably don’t care, they just want a sign! On the same note, many sign makers are so busy running from one job to the next that they can’t take the time to research the pros and cons of one substrate vs. another. Through years of working with different sign shops, and hearing many success stories, we’ve learned that educating the customer about a substrate can pay off, especially if the sign shop has confidence in what they’re selling.

We’ve decided to put many of the selling points of Precision Board Plus HDU into one succinct article to help your sign shop increase its competitive edge. (Because we’re nice, not because we’re the manufacturers! 🙂 )

Here’s the breakdown:

PERFORMANCE: Precision Board Plus HDU will not warp, split, rot or absorb water. This can occur with any wood sign, no matter how well its has been finished. In addition, Precision Board Plus has also been tested from -423˚F to +300˚F with no degradation or breakdown, making it ideal for harsh climates.

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LABOR SAVINGS: Precision Board is available in such a broad range of sizes (8 sheet sizes, up to 24″ thick), there is usually no laminating or surfacing required. The savings in labor, equipment usage and shop flow time help your shop stay competitive.

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WARRANTY: When a wooden sign blank is purchased, that’s it. No warranty, nothing. Precision Board Plus is backed with a “Life-of-the-Sign Warranty,” which warrants that Precision Board Plus will not crack, warp, absorb water, or otherwise deteriorate for the entire life of the sign. (Ask us for a written warranty made specifically for your company!)

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Help your sales process by requesting free samples and literature from us!

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