Pictures of the finished park – part two

Everywhere one looks in the Cultus Lake Adventure Park there is a great photo to be had. From the road the park looks inviting. We carefully layered the elements to maximize the space but also to show great from the road.

Everything is designed to integrate and work together. Space was tight in this facility and yet we managed to squeeze room in for long cue lines that will hold lots of guests and still leave the main pathways free of congestion. No detail went untouched. The signs, posts and operator booths  all are fully themed to tell the story.

The Wilderness trail is already a hit with our young guests and their parents. 
The gold panning is in this area and the sign is on the water tower.
Kids enjoy working the old pump handle to make the water come out. In the background is the old rail inspection car with a crank they can turn there as well.

 The bicycle rental area is outside the park gates..

I have plenty more pictures to show in the next post. Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.