Pictures of the finished park – part 3

Today I have a last load of pictures of the Cultus Lake Adventure Park. The signs on the western side of the building have been featured here before as they went through various stages of construction. They were designed in EnRoute and then routed from Precision Board on our Multicam router. The building itself was built by the owner but we did the entire exterior treatment using sculpted fiberglass reinforced concrete. We painted using the same techniques we used on most of our other projects using base colors and them glazes to highlight the textures we love.

 featured the saloon sign last time but now finally have a nice shot of the entire building.

Now we are back in our shop getting ready for the next large project. First we took everything down from the walls and cleaned everything off. The entire shop got a fresh coat of paint and the samples were culled and then will get put back up on the walls for display. 
We are also landscaping the yard from one end to the other and even paving the driveway at last. By month’s end we will be ready to get back to work once more. We have more than fourteen months worth of fabulous projects on the drawing board. 
Stay tuned for some pretty fun stuff…

Published with permission from Source.