Mjölnir – Thor’s Hammer

A friend recently had a milestone birthday.  I considered some gag gifts but in the end decided to go with something a little more my speed.  I decided to make Thor’s Hammer, Thor being one of his favorite super heroes.

I had a very small window of time to do it so I had to do most of it on the fly.

I found a 3D Model of the Hammer itself online.   This got me going. I knew I’d have to build a case for it but I had to have the hammer in my hand to do it. I cut each side of the hammer out of 4″ 15lb Precision Board HDU. then glued and screwed them together.387

389407408Once the hammer was completed  I designed the box to put it in out of MDF. Once I had my dimensions I programmed the back panel and face of the box in Enroute Pro with a texture.  This will be important later when I paint it.


410 411I cut two small cleats to hang the hammer on.     412

413All assembled and ready for paint. 418

Because I cut the face and back panel with a texture we’ll have a lot of the work done for us when we start painting. First all the parts are primed, two coats, with Precision Board FSC-88 Primer.


We used Modern Masters Metallic Paints. We love these paints! We start with a solid coat of the paint then come back with a glaze of darker color for the aged look.

438 440 442 446As an added little detail I inserted magnets into the cleats and draped a metal chain across to hold the hammer in place.450451

I cut some foam blocks and covered them with a red velvet material using double sided tape to keep it in place.455For the engraved panel on the front of the case I engraved brushed aluminum then painted it black. A little sanding afterwards gave me a nice look. 459And here it is!460

Published with permission from KDF Custom Graphics. Source.