Workshop name plates 2014 – Part eight

I covered the file creation of Philip’s name plate back on September 2. It looked great after it was routed from 30 lb Precision Board. The painting crew was ready to give it a cool paint job but I asked them to hold off for I had a little more detail in mind.

They had already applied some FSC-88 WB primer (thick bodied water base primer) using a small brush to add some texturing to the lettering. 
Philip is attending both workshops and rather than make him two name plates I decided I would make him one that was a little more elaborate. Sarah mixed up some Abracadabra Sculpting Epoxy for me and I quickly sculpted some barnacles and a starfish that was slowly making it’s way down across the lettering. It took me around fifteen minutes to complete the task.
Tomorrow the epoxy will be rock hard and the painting crew can continue on. I’ll post one more picture of the name plaque when it’s finished in a few more days as well as some of the others. They are looking mighty fine! Stay tuned…

Published with permission from Source.