Pieces of Eight mounting

The three pieces of the Pieces of 8 sign that were routed from 30lb Precision Board were laminated over a welded steel frame sandwiching the structure inside. The two protruding steel legs were then welded to the steel structure of the post. Once the glue had set (overnight) I used our air powered die grinder to quickly add some woodgrain texture to the sides of the sign.
I then welded the sculpture of Tupper in the crow’s nest to the top. A pencil rod frame was then welded around the structural steel in preparation for the galvanized lath that will follow. The sculpted concrete will form the final skin of the post.
Because we are shipping this piece all the way to Trinidad it has to fit inside a shipping container. While we could have laid it down safe packaging would have been bulky and difficult. Instead we cut the piece in half vertically and welded a sleeve to ensure easy reassembly. The mast guide ropes will ensure it doesn’t wobble when we are done. The frame we use to hold it upright as we build will simply be bolted to a footing and then buried in a planter to make for a simple and instant installation. 

There will be six of these kinds of signs through the park. All will be fun to build without a doubt. Stay tuned…

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.