Combining methods and materials

Using EnRoute and a MultiCam we can do amazing things without a doubt. I know lots of people who can use other programs to build amazing sculptures virtually and then use the router to make the final piece. I’m just not that good with those advance programs or more correctly I am better at doing it for real with my hands. The fastest way to do those kinds of projects for me is the old fashioned way. I let the router do the hard stuff and then have fun with the rest.
As I showed in the last post on this sign it was routed in both 3D (for the faces) and as 2D cutouts for the center sections. A little work with a die grinder made the sign ready for the hand sculpting stage.

I built up the surfaces with crumpled up tin foil and a thin layer of Abracadabra Sculpting epoxy over. The detail was added to and sculpted into this last layer. 

The first day I only got partway through the sculpt but with sculpting epoxy it’s easy to continue the sculpt where I left off the next day.

The end result is a sign that is over the top without a doubt. Combining what EnRoute and the MultiCam can easily and quickly do with what I can easily do makes it so. The materials used also follow this same approach. Thirty pound Precision Board is the best possible material for the bulk of the sign. A welded step frame laminated inside makes it bullet proof and will provide a long lasting and safe install. The sculpted epoxy makes for a well detailed and strong figure.

Works for me.


Published with permission from Source.