Scrambling turtle

The sign routed up beautifully. I welded up a frame and then laminated it inside. While the glue was setting I cut a turtle shape from some Precision Board and then did a quick sculpt of the shell. This was allowed to harden. A half inch step rod poked out of the bottom center as well as 1/4″ rods for each leg. These would add strength to the sculpt and also serve to be the mounting points for the sign.
Once everything had set up.I drilled the holes in the sign (in the right places) and then glued the steel rods securely. Then Sarah mixed the sculpting epoxy while I had a little fin. Ot took about an hour to finish off the turtle sculpt.

Tomorrow I’ll begin the process of carving the edges of the sign, extending the texture of the rock all the way around the edges. Once that is done I will use sculpting epoxy to add in the plank and rock work around the face. I’ll post some pictures of that process.

It won’t be long until the sign is turned over to the painting crew to work their magic on it.  Stay tuned…

-grampa dan

Published with permission from Source.