Mass production

It’s not often we do multiples of any sign but the golf and park require a whole bunch of these signs – twenty eight in all. Like the rest of the signs in the park they will be dimensional.

The fourteen entrance and exit signs were cleaned up with a die grinder and then the edges received their edge grains using the same tool. The screw holes were then filled with sculpting epoxy and blended into the backgrounds.

At this point the 1″ x 1″ metal square tubing that stuck out of the back of each sign was trimmed to length and then welded to the post armatures we had built for this purpose. These armatures will all receive a skin of fiberglass reinforced concrete that will be carved to look like bamboo.

As soon as those signs were done the next batch of rule signs came off the MultiCam. These were again glued up with the steel reinforcing in the middle and square tubing  protruding out of the back. These too will be finished in a similar manner and also welded to posts.

It won’t be long now until we can get back to business on the more fun stuff.

Published with permission from Source.