MultiCam with all the bells and whistles

We’ve owned a MultiCam CNC router for about eight years and have figured out how to make it do some pretty neat stuff. It wasn’t long until the makers of the machine noticed. In the years since we’ve cooked up some pretty cool samples for them and have been asked to do some presentations at the International Sign Association world conference on MultiCam’s behalf. This year we were asked to go to the conference in Las Vegas once more in April and do a series of presentations in their booth. The area where we present simply couldn’t be ordinary. They needed some new samples to demonstrate what the wonderful mechanical machines are capable of. We couldn’t resist the challenge.

 We decided on a steampunk theme for the display, giving us lots of room to have some fun. We’ll have three new pieces on display. The first piece will be the lectern.  Standing behind this piece of eye candy will demand some enthusiasm and passion which I love to deliver.

Behind me will be the MultiCam TV. Here, I’ll illustrate my presentations with pictures of the many fun projects we’ve done over the last eight years.

The third new piece will be my version of a MultiCam Router. While not terribly big in size it is very large in character. It will measure about six feet tall.

This is going to be a fun gig!  I look forward to talking with everyone who has a chance to visit the show this year.

Published with permission from Source.