Parametric Textures

There are a number of ways to create textures in EnRoute. One of the methods offer unlimited possibilities. This is called Parametric TEXTURES. They are created by mathematical equations and go in all directions infinitely. No tiling necessary here.

The first step is to create a relief. Select it to light up the box we want.

Then open the parametric texture box officially called BasicNoise Texture. If you hold your mouse on the button you will see an array of options. Select the texture you like.

For the next example I picked the brick texture. If you click on the template window there are a bunch more options. To the right of the window are the parametric options. Adjusting these numbers will adjust the texture. The preview window makes it easy to see what you will get. 

The possibilities are literally limitless. If you get a texture you really like you can save it as a strategy, ready to call up again when you need it.


Here’s one called tree bark. I did it three times and adjusted the numbers slightly each time.

Here’s a weave with different settings.



 The possibilities are truly endless.

Published with permission from Source.