Hand Shaping HDU made simple with Precision Board Plus

The Concrete Canoe Team of Chico State University was determined to build a mold out of high-density urethane this year when they found Coastal Enterprises Company through their competitors at University Nevada Reno Concrete Canoe. They initially intended to go with a mold design that would be CNC machined. However, due to changes in design they ran out of time and were forced to hand-shape their mold.

Foam 1

PBLT-10, PBLT-15

Foam 2

PBLT-10, PBLT-15



PBLT-10, PBLT-15

Foam 5

PBLT-10, PBLT-15

Foam 8

PBLT-10, PBLT-15

They were a little apprehensive at first having never worked with high-density urethane before. “We weren’t sure exactly how smoothly it was going to go, but once we started to work with it, we loved it! The Precision Board cut easily and was insanely workable. Using only hand tools, rasps, and files the results were smoother and more streamlined than we could have ever hoped for.” Chico State Team Member Kaylie Humbert said.

“The canoe project itself took months, however the Precision Board mold that we created only took a single day. It was so easy to work with I would absolutely recommend it. None of the team members had any experience working with Precision Board before and as beginners we were very pleased with the results that we were able to achieve. I can only imagine what professionals would do with it.”





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