Just one more little thing

We take great pride in taking each and every one of the signs we craft way over the top. Often this means putting in more than the original design called for. We’ve found that by building to our personal standards (and raising the bar each time) we always exceed the expectations of our customers. It also keeps all of our projects exciting and FUN!

The Runaway Mine Train sign is a good example. I had a blast hand sculpting the miner and adding the woodgrain and metal trim to the mine cars. But as I looked at the finished result it needed a little more. The second mine car seemed empty. I asked our crew for suggestions and one of them came up with the crazy idea of putting a burrow in the second car. This of course meant we would spend at least four or five extra hours on the project. I didn’t hesitate. The extra figure would balance the design and add interest no matter which direction the reader approached. It also took the sign way over the top. There was no real choice.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.