Sculpting Abstracts with Stan Carpenter

After teaching for 15 years, and being involved in the custom home design industry for 20, Stan Carpenter decided it was time for some real fun, and started sculpting Precision Board Plus.

With a background in the custom home design industry working with architects and homeowners to create dreams, Stan Carpenter perfected his skill of drawing over the years. Later on, painting murals became his passion, and that eventually progressed to sculpting. He was drawn to the fact that he could carve into Precision Board Plus and paint over the top for a smooth finish. He also enjoys the fact that HDU resists his tools nicely, the edges stay sharp and can hold their shape for a “crisp” look.

Many of these sculptures are available for private purchase, and can be seen on Stan’s website at:

Precision Board Plus with lots of metallic acrylics:

Precision Board Plus laminated to plexiglass. Colored resin was poured into the transparent openings once the surface was developed:

Additional Precision Board Plus sculptures, some with layers of bronze, some with paint: