Machining tips and more!

-A message from Chuck Miller, CEO of Coastal Enterprises

“Over the years Coastal Enterprises has continually worked to improve Precision Board to meet the changing market needs and requirements. In the last few years change has come even faster to designs and tooling applications, which have required projects to be more sophisticated and complex. We have created a harder, stronger, tougher, and tighter celled Precision Board by upgrading our process methods. It’s still the same great Precision Board, just better.”

We didn’t change the formulation of Precision Board; we modified the process to make a higher quality product. One of the main goals for this process was to reduce the dust produced while machining. By increasing the capacity of the chip load, Precision Board machines cleaner and quicker than ever before.

Some of you might be wondering, “What is a ‘chip load’?” The chip load can be defined as the thickness of the chip that is produced while routing. It’s important to know this to keep the heat inside the chip and not on the tool. If you calculate the proper chip load, you’ll have a longer lifespan for your cutting tools as well as greatly decrease the heat transfer onto your routed piece. Check out our Speeds and Feeds data sheet for setting references.

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IMG_1078  Click here to watch a video of Precision Board being machined.