The 411 on the 45 (TSF-45 that is..) – Finishing Part 2

A few weeks ago some of our skilled craftsmen at Coastal showed how to add remarkable texture and dimension to your Precision Board project using our TSF-45 Texture Surface Finish.  We were happy to hear from our loyal readers that the post got their creative wheels turning.

After experimenting with new textures and contemplating the possibilities, the questions are coming in!

What about painting and finishing TSF-45? …So without further ado, here are some tips for finishing your textured piece:

  1. Wood Stain can be used give your wood grain texture a realistic color.  We find that water based stains work the best with the TSF-45 because of its flexibility.
  2. Apply the stain in thick even coats using a chip or foam brush.
  3. Be liberal when applying the stain. Allow it to pool in the recesses of the grain. This will helps give your texture some great added dimension. Don’t worry, if you add to much you can wipe it away with a cotton rag.
  4. Let dry for at least 2 hours or until dry to the touch .
  5. If a darker hue is desired, a second coat can be applied.

IMG_2106 IMG_2116 IMG_2117

  1. Painting TSF-45 textured pieces is a snap. You can apply your favorite exterior paint directly to the textured surface. No need to sand or prime before or after application of TSF. (Don’t forget that Water based paints work best with TSF since it’s a flexible product)
  2. Brush on your paint following the orientation of your texture.
  3. Do not apply too thick of a first coat, or it could take too long to dry or could orange peel.  A second coat can be applied later if necessary.
  4. Allow your paint to dry over night, preferably under a shop fan.   Read drying and curing times for your specific paint, from the paint manufacturer.


IMG_5860Time and Cost Savings:

The great thing about TSF-45 is that it can be applied directly to Precision Board Plus.  No sanding or priming needed before applying TSF to Precision Board, or afterward when applying your top coat (paint or stain) to the TSF-45.

Use any type of tooling to achieve the desired texture.  TSF can be applied quickly, and for faster drying and minimum texture, use less amount of it.  A chip brush can give you a low profile texture for the edges or background.

For more information on how to create extraordinary pieces while saving time and money using TSF-45 or any of our other Companion Products, contact our technical sales department at (800) 845-0745 or check out our training videos.