Pirate train model

We are building a pirate train for Scallywag Bay. We have partnered with one of the best train builders in the world for the project. Hillcrest Shops, from California is building the chassis of the engine and rail cars. It all started with a concept drawing. The first version was an 0-40 meaning it didn’t have any forward wheels, but had four driving wheels. No trailer or tender wheels were present.

As we progressed through the design it became an 0-6-0 to ensure it was stable on the winding track.
The chassis is coming along quickly in the shop in California. Look close at the picture below and you’ll see a Disney steam engine in the background. It is undergoing a full rebuild.
As we talked about endless things with the chassis builder we decided the easiest way to get our ideas across was to build two models. One would be for our permanent collection and the second would go the Hillcrest shops.  Because the real chassis is so precise the model needed the same treatment. It was routed from thirty pound Precision Board.
Once the mechanical bits were in place it was time for some sculpting. I did the first bit on the first model to set the tone and scale. 

Then Jenessa took over with minimal art direction from me. She did a fabulous job on every detail.

On Friday Jenessa finished the sculpting process. I still have to stick on the rope rigging and the connecting rods and running gear. Then we are on to paint.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.