Starting the sculpt of the vehicles

Once the accurately routed vehicle forms are securely anchored in place, it is relatively easy and quick to apply  thin coat of sculpting epoxy and sculpt in the fine details. The character armatures are first built from twisted wire, over which I press on a little sculpting epoxy to form the basic shape. Once cured a final layer is again pressed on and the details are sculpted in.
The motor cycle was first along with the form for the girl hanging on the back. I roughed her out first and then after she was complete moved to the fellow driving.
The delivery van was next on the agenda.

In the final two pictures we can see clearly how the pieces are quickly coming together and how everything relates to each other. It is a tight envelope to work in! The rocket in the middle will be the next section to be sculpted as access to that area is getting tougher as things proceed.

Published with permission from Source.