Custom mandrels made easy with Precision Board

Pipe Block PBLT-18 Complete copy (1)

The steel mandrels often required for filament winding are a limiting factor when producing custom prototypes or other low-volume projects. It can be prohibitively expensive to fabricate a new steel mandrel for a single project, not to mention the design limitations that come from working with steel mandrels. Last minute design changes can often force a project back to square one, causing weeks of delay in the manufacturing process and adding a battery of excessive costs. If there is one single design change made after fabrication of the steel mandrel, there is usually no other option but to start over from scratch. When it comes to operating with tight deadlines and high-cost materials, restarting a project is always extremely serious. Luckily, Coastal Enterprises has a unique solution: Precision Board custom mandrels.


It’s time to modernize your filament winding process with Precision Board Plus! Any one of our fifteen densities of high-density urethane substrate can be made to fit the exact specifications of your project. We mold Precision Board around a spindle pipe reinforced with axial fins to ensure that it will withstand the twisting compression during high-tension filament winding. Furthermore, the temperature tolerances of our PBHT and PBLT Precision Board are able to function within typical resin exotherm temperatures. No more catering to mandrel tools that are not designed for changes usually experienced during prototype development: We will produce any square or rectangle shaped mandrel you can dream up. All you have to do then is to machine it to your specifications.

But what if there are errors in the machining process? Or late-stage design changes? No problem. Simply bond additional Precision Board to the desired areas (using our specially-formulated EP-76 epoxy) and machine over the new material. Just like that, you are ready to move forward with your altered design. What would normally be a project-halting disaster with steel is usually a quick and easy fix with Precision Board. And speaking of quick… Fast turnaround on every order is our specialty! We will construct and ship your mandrel with a level of speed that is achieved through experience and expertise, usually 5-7 working days from receipt of P.O. Call the Coastal Enterprises Technical Dept. for assistance at (800) 845-0745.

The composites world never stops moving- what about you? Don’t get bogged down with the necessities of the past. Shape your own future with Precision Board Plus. Request a free sample today, and start reinventing your filament winding process.