Gibbs Graphics: The Weatherproof Sign Experts

tamerak intalled

It’s no big secret that some sign makers have it harder than others. It’s one thing to construct a sign for sunny, mild southern California, and quite another to make a sign that can stand up to harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. So many more factors come into play: Will it resist moisture? Will the added weight from a more durable material make the mounting process harder? Will it need upkeep in the event of weather damage? Luckily, true signage experts know the right techniques and the right material for any job, no matter the weather. Gibbs Graphics is one such team, a full-service marketing source that began as a dimensional sign maker. Founders Rusty and Amanda Gibbs have a stellar track record of crafting signs that are equal parts form and function: Not only are their signs artistically inspired, but they have the structural backbone to weather the snow, sleet, and bitter cold of Northern Washington. Using Precision Board Plus gives them the freedom to design anything they want and still have the assurance that it will last for years. Click here to learn more about Gibbs Graphics and commission your own dimensional masterpiece.


The last few months have been busy for Gibbs Graphics. The word is out that they’re making the best weatherproof signs in town, so they’ve had ample opportunity to use Precision Board in their dimensional sign projects. One is this sign for Tamarack Public House, a new restaurant in Spokane. The owner knew the Gibbs’ reputation for high-quality signs and murals, and turned to them to make an eye-catching display for his new eatery.


The Gibbs Graphics team used two 1” sheets of PBLT-18 for the double-sided sign, glued to either side of a 3’ diameter glue laminate. Using their CNC router in conjunction with meticulous hand carving, they shaped a highly detailed silhouetted tree design, along with raised lettering at the top and a sweeping crescent moon motif. They wet out the surfaces with our FSC-88 WB primer, painted it with both latex and Ronan metallic gold paints, then mounted with a custom metal bracket.

pre finished fresh coffee

Another one of the Gibbs’ recent projects is “Fresh Coffee”, a single sided sign for a local coffee lounge. They chose 2” thick PBLT-15 for the 14” diameter sign, and routed out bold raised lettering along with a jagged starburst background.

fresh coffee

They used Ronan sign paint for the cool shades of green and black, along with Modern Masters metallic for the bright silver border.

let is snow sign

A sign that really meshes with Gibbs Graphics’ expertise in weatherproof signage is their “Let it Snow” display. For this project they used 2 layers of 1” PBLT-15 in conjunction with Plexiglas, vinyl lettering, and expanded PVC. The red ornament was made from the leftover PBLT from the hole in the snowflake, a creative repurposing of extra material.


Winter is far from over, but don’t let the cold get you down. Gibbs Graphics is standing by to make you a sign that can shrug off the bad weather year after year. They’re more than just a sign maker, however: Gibbs Graphics is a full-service marketing conglomerate that designs logos, websites, email marketing, banners, and more. Anyone in the Pacific Northwest looking for a one-stop shop for all their marketing needs should contact Gibbs Graphics at, or click here to see their extensive signage portfolio. Want to make your own weatherproof dimensional signs? Click here for a free sample of Precision Board and get ready to carve those winter blues away.