Massive plans

Our current big project is the design and fabrication of a pair of forty foot long Viking ships. We started with a scale model built at one inch to the foot. The model proved handy in our talks with the client, building confidence in our abilities to handle the project. The model also proved to be a great reference as we discussed how everything would go together.

Then we sat down at our design desk and started work on the plans. Being much more familiar with EnRoute than an architectural program we decided to use it to design the structural framework. The detailed plans also included all of the plasma cut steel (which is considerable) so the files will  be all ready be set to send off the router when we start. The plans were done in layers to help keep everything separate and in order. Peter and I spent two days so far creating the files. We still have a few details to build plus all of the sections, dimensions and notes. They say learning is best done by doing and it is very true. I’ve certainly learned a a great deal about how to use EnRoute in the last few days!

Published with permission from Source.