Lorna’s name plaque

It’s that time once more. With the Sculpting Magic Workshops now just over seven weeks away it is time to begin preparations. That means it’s time to do the name plaques which we present to all attendees. That’s more than thirty different pieces to create. This time to make the plaques I decided to test a bunch of the new bitmaps I’m working as make them. 
The first piece will be a flag. The vectors were created in EnRoute. The lettering and rectangle vectors were created square and level and then I used the patch distort tool to create a waving flag.


I then created a flat relief.
I then imported one of the new bitmaps and applied it using a setting of 0.5″. The result was a flag that waved vertically in a cool way.
The lettering outline was then raised.
Then it was time for the final step which was to use the bevel tool to 
The front and side views show how much the panel curves on the surface.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.