Large Viking target sculpted

The router has been very quiet of late as we concentrate on getting out the large sculpted features of the Viking project at Motiongate in Dubai. The process has been long and arduous at times.

I remember well the first time I watched the movie ‘How to train your dragon’. As I looked at the wonderful textures and color of all of the invented digital world in that movie I thought how cool it would be to build it for real. When we were offered the project to build the two Viking ships we jumped at the chance!

The two Viking ship project quickly grew to include the target and dock features. We did the concept drawings and models in a few days to win the project. Then began the long process of designing the structures that would be underneath. We did the initial design using EnRoute software. The structures had to break into manageable sections to allow them to be dipped into galvanizing tanks. Then they had to bolt into larger assemblies which would fit into shipping containers. We would venture into new territory as we began the lengthy process of cutting and welding together thousands of pieces of heavy duty steel to form these incredibly strong frames that met both local and international standards. Our MultiCam plasma cutter got quite the workout! We learned of the galvanizing processes and the special techniques to allow vent holes in everything we built.

Then at last we came back to what we do best and that is to sculpt the concrete skins over all of that framework. In the last week we have been working on the large target pieces. Today we finished the last of the concrete on the large target feature. The two broken masts will be sculpted tomorrow along with the last shield on the small target feature. Then we will be start laying on all of the magical colours of the movie to make it real at last! Stay tuned for the results…

Published with permission from Source.